Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Double Hung Windows

Old windows are known to cause a homeowner several problems. Everything from allowing cold and hot air into the home, raising your electric bill, and even decreasing the security of your home can be a result of old windows. When you go shopping for new replacement windows, you have many styles, sizes, and types to choose from. One of the most popular styles is the double hung window. A double hung window includes two sashes that can be opened and tilted individually from each other. There are many reasons why you would choose this style of window over some of the others on the market. Here are some of the advantages of a double hung window.

Double Hung Windows are Energy Efficient

On average, about 7.3% of consumer's income goes to energy bills. For many homeowners, their energy bill can quickly increase due to air coming in and out through the windows and doors. Double hung windows offer an advantage to other types of windows in that it allows you to add multiple layers of weatherstripping. This means you can seal off any open areas where drafts can get in and out. Replacing your current windows with double hung windows will allow you to reduce your energy bill saving you money each month.

Double Hung Windows are Great for Cooling

Another great perk double hung windows offer is the ability to hold an AC unit. Since each sash is available to move up and down, you can place the unit within the sash and feel confident that it is securely held. This allows you to cool off a room by using an ac unit. This is great for the summers when the outdoor temp is scorching and you need to cool off a small space. You can also choose to open just one section instead of both allowing you to customize how much air you want to allow in. 

Double Hung Windows Can Be Easily Cleaned

Dirty windows are not only aesthetically unappealing, but the dirt can limit the function of the windows. To prolong the life of the window and keep them looking new, you want to make sure you clean them consistently. With double hung windows, it is much easier to clean the window. Since there are two sashes that can both be individually opened and tilted, you can clean them much easier that just one single pane. Additionally, you do not have to worry about ladders and scaffolds trying to clean the exterior of the windows because you can tilt the windows inward.

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