4 Electrical Upgrades to Help Improve Family Game Night

Family game night is a great tradition in many homes. As the games have evolved over the years, so have the needs for batteries, electronics, and modern forms of media. Instead of just showing up and winging it, planning out a family game night can help make the night go smoothly and introduce a lot of fun elements. The electrical set-up in your home may not be ideal for a family game night. By hiring an electrician, you can implement four different upgrades to help set up an ideal gaming area. Each of these upgrades will help with different aspects of game night and ensure that they go smoothly for several years to come.


The lighting in your home is crucial for family game night playing. Reading questions, cards, or looking at Pictionary drawings is important. Instead of struggling through each turn, you make things easy to see by having lighting upgrades installed in your playing area. An electrician can wire overhead installations like track lighting or recessed lighting. The lights can be configured to illuminate the whole room and create a fun playing atmosphere. A dimmer switch can also be installed for when the games are over. This will help create low-light situations for watching TV or just relaxing in the living space.

USB Ports

A number of traditional board games now have electronic elements to them. Played on tablets or phones, it's important to have a power source for these devices. Instead of delaying games while the devices charge, you can have a constant source of power by having USB ports installed at various locations around your family game night areas. For example, you can have USB port outlets installed in the floor of your living room. While playing, the USB charging cable can be plugged in at a central location so that a phone or tablet is easy to see from a distance. When the USB ports are not being used, a cover can close over the outlet and protect it from dust or dirt. USB wall outlets can also be installed to provide extra power options for your devices.

Electric Radiant Heat Flooring

When everyone is gathered around to play games, it's important to keep them a comfortable as possible. One way to increase the comfort level in the home is with electric radiant heat flooring. Heated floor panels can be installed in your game area. This makes it really comfortable for players to sit on the floor or place their feet on the floor and feel the warmth that rises up. Family game nights are great during cold winter months and the radiant floor heating can provide extra warmth from the cold outside. When game nights are crowded, some players may be forced to sit or kneel on the floor and the extra warmth can really help increase the comfort levels through these games. An electrician can install the panels underneath the flooring that you currently have. The heat can rise through wood floors or carpeting, giving you multiple options for the area.

Speaker Wiring

Hosting a family game night is all about entertaining family members and friends. This is why music is often an integral part of the experience. Help add a constant music source to your gaming area by wiring speakers into the walls. Wiring the speakers can help reduce cord clutter and provide a constant source of sound without having to worry about charging batteries. The speakers can be wired and then outputted to an entertainment area where you can connect the cables to a sound system, MP3 player, or another device.

Contact an electrician for estimates and different features that can be added to your family game night area.