Dust, Dirt, & Dogs: Rebuilding Your Backyard After Years Of Abuse

Owning a dog can come with many benefits, but they can also cause some major changes to the landscaping in your backyard. Whether it's a wide-open space or a specific kenneled area, the overuse of a lawn area can lead to erosion, dried-up landscaping, and the formation of dust. Ignoring a problem like this can only lead to further landscaping issues down the line and the deterioration of your backyard as a whole. By recognizing the different issues that your dog can cause, you can put in the effort to return the lawn to a healthy state and keep it that way for years to come. By using this guide, you can set a plan in action and order the things you need to have a proper backyard area for your canine.

Topsoil Deliveries

One of the biggest impacts a dog can have on your backyard is the damaging or erosion of top soil. Topsoil is the upper-most layer of soil and is essential for plant life and nutrients on your lawn. As dogs run and dig through the soil, they can spread it out and cause the soil to dry out over time. You may notice that areas where your dogs like to play are filled with dry dirt, dust, and little-to-no plant life growing. One of the best solutions for this issue is a topsoil delivery. Replenishing the topsoil on your lawn is a great way to encourage the growth of new plant life and the formation of additional topsoil on the property.

Topsoil is sold by the cubic yard. The large loads can be delivered and dumped right into your backyard. Once delivered, you can use basic gardening tools to spread the soil out among different sections of the yard. Once the top soil is placed, you can enhance the area with some grass seed. It's a good idea to take your dog to other sections of the yard while grass seed is planted. Any digging or disruption of the soil can lead to problems and improper grass growth.

Cover Crops

To help protect topsoil from your dogs and other natural elements like wind, you should consider adding a cover crop to your backyard. These crops are designed to allow the topsoil to grow and thrive while still providing an area for dogs to roam in you backyard. You can purchase seeds for the cover crops or purchase grown cover crops that can be laid out over your current lawn. When considering cover crops, there are a number of clover crops that you can choose from. Clovers create a unique design element for your backyard and are a nice and soft plant for your dogs to walk on. The cover crop that you choose depends on the region that you live in. For example, the crimson clover is ideal for warmer areas, but does not do as well in a frost. A berseem clover can handle colder climates and will thrive through winter months. Covering up all of the top soil can help encourage proper growth and sustainability for your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

Help your lawn thrive throughout the year by performing proper maintenance after your dog has been outside. When areas are dug up, it's a good idea to fill them back in and provide a little extra cover. Order a little extra topsoil and keep it in a safe location. You can cover the extra topsoil with a tarp so that it doesn't dry out. When a dog digs or creates a lot of damage to the lawn, it's nice to have a collection of topsoil that can be used to fill in areas and keep your lawn healthy. As the topsoil runs out, you can order new loads to keep on your property as a back-up method.

Doing a little extra research can go a long way in protecting your lawn. This allows your dogs to have their freedom without your backyard turning into a dust bowl each year. For more information on topsoil, contact a company like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel.