4 Types of House Siding Inspired by TV Shows

Television shows bring comfort to people for many different reasons. One of the ways comfort is provided is through the sets and fictional homes that are featured on shows. Each episode typically featured establishing shots of home sets that represent the different characters and worlds that they live in. While it would cost a lot of money to duplicate a whole home, you can draw inspiration from the siding that is featured on various homes.

If you need to upgrade the siding on your home, then there are four different TV shows you can draw inspiration from. Each one of the shows features a different style that can be installed by professional contractors. Learning about the different siding options will help you make the best decision for your home's needs.

The Brady Bunch House

One of the more classic television homes comes from the sitcom "The Brady Bunch." The exterior of this home was featured in nearly every episode and is recognizable from fans all over the world. If you're seeking a design similar to the Brady Bunch home, then you should purchase wood siding panels for your home. One of the unique features on the Brady Bunch home is that the wood panels have been installed vertically instead of horizontal. There are many benefits to choosing wood siding for your home. The first is the color options that you have. The original Brady Bunch home is tan, but you can paint the home in a variety of colors to match other features on your home. Wood siding is easy to install and the separate panels make them easy to replace if any damage occurs.

American Horror Story

In the first season of "American Horror Story," fans were introduced to a large mansion with beautiful designs. The outside of the mansion feature a beautiful brick design with light tones and a Gothic feel. You can emulate the brick design on your own home by choosing fiber cement siding. Fiber cement is made using a mix of materials like sand and cement. Because it is manufactured, the siding can manipulated to look like all different types of siding designs. This means that you can have the look of the American Horror Story brick home without actually building brick from the ground up.

Full House

The unique landscape of San Francisco led to the iconic house featured on the sitcom "Full House." The vertical home has a Victorian style to it with a basic siding set up that is easy to add to all types of homes. The Full House home uses vinyl siding panels. These are a common siding material that have many advantages when used on a variety of homes. The siding comes finished in a number of colors that will not fade or change over time. It's very easy to clean and does not attract insects like termites. Vinyl siding is probably one of the cheapest and more cost effective options to choose from. It's easy to fit this type of siding into your budget and get your whole house redone.


When Emily Thorn moves back to her hometown to get revenge for her father's death, viewers cannot help but look on in awe as she moves into her childhood beach house. The home that Emily lives in used a mix of siding options. The first floor of the home has wood paneling around the window areas with vinyl siding used for decking and other sections of the walls. The light tones have a beachfront feel and feature whites mixed with light blue colors. The second floor of the home uses stone siding. This could be real stone or a stone veneer, which is a siding that gives the appearance of natural stone and is easier to install. Mix together these elements on your home to give it a beach-like feel.

Use pictures and video clips from the various programs to showcase ideas to contractors. This will help them showcase products that match the description and gives you plenty of siding options to choose from. For more ideas, visit resources like http://www.lifetime-exteriors.net/.