4 Ways to Use Color in Warehouse Pallet Rack Designs

Organization is a key component to running a pallet rack warehouse. Proper organization can help with the workflow of the warehouse and it can also increase the safety for all of your employees. As you plan out different organizational techniques for a warehouse area, you should consider the proper use of a pallet racking system. Pallet racks can be purchased with a variety of different colors applied to them. Not only do these colors add nice visuals to your pallet rack system, but they can be used effectively for organizational and safety features. While shopping and planning out your warehouse pallet rack design, you can infuse color options with the following options.

Rack Heights

For large warehouses, pallet racks may reach up to five or six different levels. When operating a fork lift or picker, it can be hard to determine what level you have reached. To help prevent pulling down the wrong pallets or accessing the wrong level, you can use a color coded system. For example, the top level of a pallet rack can feature black painted edges while the rack below it can feature yellow painted edges. You can layer each level with a different color or choose to alternate colors for easy visuals. Alternating racks between something like blue and yellow will make it easy to visualize the different designs and access the correct rack every time.

Rack Corners & Turns

In a long pallet system, it can be hard to see when the end of a lane or row is actually coming. You can make things easier by indicating open corners with bright yellow column protectors. These protectors slide over pallet rack rails and increase the overall safety of your warehouse. When the rack corners are installed, they can also add extra protection from accident bumps from people or machinery. This can prevent pallet racks from getting damaged or snapping when contact is made.

Fragile Racking Components

Depending on the type of warehouse that you run, there may be fragile inventory that needs a little extra care and protection. For example, if your warehouse stores glass beverages, then those beverages will need proper care and protection while being stored on pallet racking. If this is the case, then you can purchase solid pallet racking that is made in a different color than other racking at your business. For example, you can purchase a solid blue pallet rack. When paired with standard steel or yellow racking, the blue section be assigned as the fragile area. Employees will naturally be more careful as they travel around the area and access different pallets.

Drive Through Rail Components

Many pallet rack systems are set up for small machines to drive through. A variety of colors can add some extra safety to these areas and make it easy to navigate. One colored accessory that you can add to your drive through areas is a racking protector rail. These thick rails are brightly colored and can be added to the bottom of your pallet racks and offer guidance as forklifts and other small machines drive through tight areas. Even when areas are low-lit, the rails can provide extra illumination and support. The protector rail is typically attached directly to the bottom of a pallet rack. You can add even more protection by installing brightly colored guard rails around the driving areas. These rails are bolted right to the floor of a warehouse. This means that if a machine runs into the guard rail, the pallet rack will not be impacted.

Once the different colors are implemented, it's a good idea to put up signage or hold multiple meetings to explain the color usage. This can help with the communication that comes from all of your clients. For more ideas or materials, contact services like Certified Handling Systems.