"You Can Lead Your Horse To Water..." Or Have Plumbing Installed In Your Horse Barn

If you have decided to build a horse barn on your property, you'll want to consider what types of plumbing amenities to have for your horses and for yourself and other riders. Here are a few ideas.

Holding Tank

You'll want to have a holding tank to hold additional water from your well. The reason for this is because well pumps do not operate when there is a power outage. A holding tank will allow you and your horses to have fresh water available even when the well isn't pumping.

Overhead Sprinkler System

An overhead sprinkler system inside a horse barn can be beneficial in several ways. It can help keep your horses cool inside the barn during hot weather. A sprinkler system is a must-have for fire safety, especially if you plan on storing hay inside the barn. An overhead sprinkler system is also ideal to settle footing that creates dust.

Restroom for Riders

Consider installing a restroom in the horse barn. This can be installed near the tack room or in a break room so you and your riding friends will be able to use the facilities on-site, which is particularly important if the horse barn is the only building on the property. Otherwise, you'd need to consider a portable toilet, which may not be ideal or comfortable in your location, depending on the weather.

Stall Waterers

Automatic waterers in each horse stall will make it much easier for you to keep fresh water for the horses in each stall. It's important that you insulate all plumbing in the barn, especially lines that will be exposed to cold air in the winter, such as automatic waterers.

Equine Wash Stall

Horses tend to roll on the ground and get dirty and, sometimes, caked with mud. Horses can also get extremely sweaty when ridden or exercised. Therefore, it's a good idea to install a wash stall for your horses. Here a few amenities to consider in the wash stall:

  • Heat lamps to keep your horse comfortable while being washed in the colder months and also to help speed up drying time before you put your horse back in their stall or take them back out to the paddock.
  • On-demand water heater that only heats water as it's needed, where it's needed, which is directly in the wash stall. This can help save you money on energy costs, since you won't be keeping a tank-full of water constantly heated. This type of water heater will also save space in your barn.
  • Recessed, sloped flooring with a drain in the rear in the wash stall so the entire area is lower than the aisle, which will prevent water from spilling out into the aisle.
  • Showerhead that is on a long, maneuverable arm, similar to what you see in a car wash, with a hose attachment that can be removed when necessary for rinsing the delicate areas of the horse.
  • Exhaust fans to pull steam and moisture out of the air in the wash stall, which can also help speed up drying time and reduce the humidity in the air in the barn.

In conclusion, if you will have one or more of these types of amenities in your horse barn, it's important that you discuss your plans with a plumber who has experience in outdoor plumbing. Due to the risks of having frozen pipes in the colder months, the plumbing will need to be installed underground below the frost line. Of course, he or she will need to work with the horse barn construction company to ensure that the plumbing lines do not interfere with the foundation of the barn and vice versa.