Factors To Consider When You Are Hiring A Land Surveying Company

If you are looking at buying a piece of undeveloped property, it is recommended that you hire a land surveyor. A land surveyor serves many purposes. They can help create a map, showing the exact layout of the land, helping you determine whether you can build on the land and where. They can help determine where exactly the property lines are for the property. And land surveying can also be done to determine the value of the land, which may be needed if you are taking out a loan. However, if buying land is something you are new to, you may have never worked with a land surveying company before. This may leave you wondering what factors you need to look at as you hire one. Here are a few of the key factors you should consider when you are hiring a land surveying company.

If They Are Licensed

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a land surveying company is whether they are licensed to perform land surveying services. Most counties, cities and states have regulations or laws that requires surveyors to hold a special license. This is because what they do is extremely important. If they mark off the boundaries of the property incorrectly, and you build a fence there, and it turns out their calculations were wrong, you could be taking land away from your neighbor. Likewise, if they aren't trained properly, they may value the plot of land incorrectly, costing lenders money if you default and the lender can't sell the land for what it appraised at. Talk with the building or code enforcement department in your town to find out what licenses a land surveyor must legally carry in your area, and then ensure the person you are hiring has that license.

How Their Price Compares With Others

It is important to note that most land surveyors will not offer you a flat rate price to complete the land survey. Instead, they will typically charge by the hour. They can give a rough quote based on the plot of land as to how long it will take them to complete. However, this is just a rough estimate and is typically not a binding quote. The reason for this is that a land surveyor truly does not know how long it will take them, as each plot of land is different. If your property is hilly, rocky or has creeks running through it, it can take longer to survey than a flat piece of land with no obstructions. Always compare the estimates you receive, noting how much each surveyor is charging per hour, to find the one that best fits within your budget.

What Other Services They Offer

The last factor that you should consider when hiring a land surveying company is what other services the company may offer. Some companies will only survey the land and provide you with a report. Other companies will perform other services that are related to land surveying. For example, if you are completing the survey so you can set up a fence or boundaries around the land, you may need to submit the report in order to get a building permit for that fence. Some land surveying companies will help you with this, while others may not. Or perhaps you are planning on building a home on the plot of land. Some surveying companies will simply state where level areas are on the land that would make for ideal construction sites, while some surveyors work with engineers who can help put together blueprints and plans for you. Always consider what other needs you have when it comes to land surveying and try to find a company who offers additional services that meet these needs.

If you have never worked with a land surveying company before, you may be unsure what factors you need to consider when hiring one. Taking the time to learn about some of the factors you need to consider and learning why you need to consider them will help you find a great company who can help you with your land surveying needs.