Floor Drains & Family Homes: 3 Locations To Help Keep Your Home Dry

Family life can be messy and chaotic. For many parents, it may seem like a constant battle as they try to keep up with the messes that their children bring into the home. One of the biggest problems that can occur with messes is extra moisture like water and mud. This can lead to problems like mold and damage to flooring or furniture. One way to help eliminate the presence of water in the home is by having floor drains installed. Plumbers can install a floor drain system that draws water away from the home and will keep a lot of the areas dry. This makes it easier for you to keep your home clean and still enjoy the crazy daily life of raising children. Floor drain systems can be installed in one or more rooms of your home. Choosing what specific areas depends on the layout of your home and the interests that your child has.

Laundry Rooms

A laundry room in a family home may feel like a constant rotation of clean and dirty clothes. Rainstorms, water balloon fights, and random spills are just a few of the reasons that wet clothes end up in the area. Keeping the extra moisture and wetness in the room can create musty smells on clothes. Installing a drain allows excess water to exit from the room and makes doing the laundry a lot easier. When transferring clothes from the washer to dryer, the excess water can drip down and go right into the drain. A plumber can install the floor drain right near your washer and dryer installations for easy access. A floor drain also makes it easier to hang up wet clothes that you do not want placed in the dryer. The water from the wet clothes can drip right down into the drain.

Many laundry rooms also double as a mud room. When children come into the home with with shoes and clothes, the items can be removed right in the room with the drain instead of spreading wetness and moisture through the rest of the home.

Crafting Rooms

Family crafts are great ways to create fun memories and traditions, but they can also be extremely messy. Help contain a lot of mess by having a floor drain installed near crafting areas. Floor drains are ideal for paint spills, water spills, and any other type of liquid craft like tie-dye creations. When a plumber installs a floor drain in the crafting area, the drain will typically be fitted with a drain strainer.

These strainers can capture crafting debris like glue, glitter, and small pieces of clay. If those items were to go freely down the drain, they could easily clog the area and create additional problems. Every couple of months, you can easily lift and remove the strainer to empty out any crafting products or other debris that has been caught inside.

Pool Areas

Plumbers also have the ability to install floor drains on the exterior of your home. If you own any type of swimming pool, then adding an exterior floor drain to this area can help eliminate standing puddles or pool water from entering your home. One of the best areas to add a floor drainage system is on a patio or cement walkway area. Landscaping like grass and dirt will naturally absorb the moisture while other areas will create puddles and extra moisture. Splashing, wet bathing suits, and the use of water toys can all be contained with the use of a floor drain. If the swimming area is large around your home, then you may consider having multiple drains installed around the pool. The drains can also help eliminate excess water that comes from rainstorms.

The drain installation time varies and depends on the specific location. A plumber can give you more details including pricing estimates.