What Factors Affect The Estimate You Are Given For Auto Glass Replacement?

The average cost to replace your windshield is $255. However, if you need your windshield replaced because of a chip or crack, you may find that the estimate you receive is higher or lower, with most ranging anywhere from $185 to $1,000. This may leave you wondering what factors affect the price for auto glass replacement. Here are a few key factors that will play a role in the estimate you receive, and what you ultimately pay, for auto glass replacement.

The Make and Model of Your Vehicle

One of the key factors that an auto glass replacement company looks at when giving you an estimate to have a windshield replaced is the make and model of your vehicle. Many people think that all windshields are the same. However, that is not the case. The size of the windshield in a car varies from vehicle to vehicle. They can vary based on the make, model, year and edition of car you have. Not only does the repair shop have to account for the cost of obtaining the glass for your windshield, but they have to consider labor as well. It can be more difficult to install glass in certain types of vehicles compared to others. Because of its height and size, it can be challenging and take more labor time to replace a windshield in an SUV compared with a compact car. This is the reason why an auto glass replacement company will ask you what make, model, and year your car is. They may even ask you for the VIN number to verify that the information you provided is correct.

If You Are Paying Through Insurance or Out-of-Pocket

Another factor that will affect how much you are quoted for auto glass replacement is whether you are paying out-of-pocket or going through your insurance company. If you are going through your insurance company, you may only be responsible for paying for your deductible. But even with this, you will still see the total cost that the insurance company will pay on your behalf. One thing that may surprise you is that this amount is typically less than what you will be quoted if you pay out-of-pocket. The reason for this is that insurance companies pre-negotiate rates with auto glass replacement companies. Because of the volume of business they do, they are often given a discount. As such, it is important to ask a car window replacement company to give you a quote for the price you would pay if you decided to go through your insurance and how much you would pay if you paid yourself.

What Special Features Are Incorporated Into Your Auto Glass

The last factor that is looked at when you are given an estimate for automobile glass replacement is what special features are incorporated into your auto glass or work through sensors in the windshield. Newer cars have many technological features such as auto dimming mirrors, automatic wipers, built-in projectors, heads-up displays, land departure warnings and solar features incorporated into the windshield or auto glass. If you have these features, they need to be incorporated into your new windshield, which can drastically increase the amount you will pay to replace your windshield. If you have any of these features, expect to receive a quote that is higher than a windshield that does not have any special features incorporated into it.

The amount that one person will pay for auto glass replacement will be different than the amount that another person pays. This is because there are many features that are looked at when an estimate is given to you. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield that can't be repaired, you will want to get estimates from a few different companies to find a company that offers a fair price. The estimate you are given will be based on the make, model and year of your vehicle, what special features are incorporated into your auto glass and whether you are paying out-of-pocket or through your insurance company.