5 Accessories To Make Your Kitchen Island More Useful For Large Parties

If you enjoy entertaining and often host large parties or holidays at your home, then you will likely need a kitchen that supports your social life. Placing a kitchen island in a medium or large kitchen can increase your counter space, allowing more people to work together in the kitchen before the party and creating a fun, social place for people to hang out during the party. However, to make your kitchen island as useful as possible for large gatherings, there are a few enhancements that you should discuss with your contractor. 


One trend in kitchen islands is to make them mobile by selecting a kitchen island with wheels. This is ideal if you have French doors that open up to a patio or living room. With wheels, you can easily transform your kitchen island into a bar or buffet based on your party needs. 

However, if you add wheels to your island, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you should make sure the island is lightweight so it can be easily moved. This means that you should not store heavy items in the kitchen island and you should pick a somewhat minimal design for the island. Second, you should make sure the island matches both the kitchen and whichever area you plan to wheel it to. For example, you may want to select the same wood as the furniture in your living room or dining room, or you may want your patio to share an accent color with the kitchen. 


If you are opting for a stationary kitchen island, it will be more useful if you have electrical outlets that are easily accessible on the island. This will make your island more functional during your party. For example, you can keep an espresso machine on your kitchen island to allow guests to make their own coffee or you can have a blender set up so your guests can create DIY margaritas. 


Adding a small sink to your kitchen island turns it into a full workstation for prepping large meals. Along with your main sink along the wall, this will allow two people to prep food at the same time. Alternatively, one person can use the kitchen island to wash and prep food while a second person supports the main cook by keeping up with the dishes in the main kitchen sink. This can decrease your prep time for large parties and allow you to invite more people into your kitchen to help you get ready. 

Suspended Shelving 

Once you add a stationary kitchen island to your kitchen, the area above it becomes dead space. However, you can make use of that space by adding shelving suspended from your ceiling. If you mainly use your kitchen for preparing food, then consider installing a pot rack above the kitchen island. If your kitchen transitions into a social space during your events, then you should consider a rack for your wine glasses. 

However, if you decide to put shelving or a rack above your island, you should make sure that you follow some simple rules, such as not blocking light, displaying visually appealing items, and not hanging items out of reach. 

Pass-Through Drawers 

A pass-through drawer, also known as a two-way slide drawer, can open from either side of the kitchen island. This allows you to concentrate on prep work while guests can help themselves to supplies in the kitchen island. It can be helpful keeping people out of your way and keeping your items accessible at all times. 

It is important that you discuss the functionality of your kitchen with your contractor. They can help you decide on the accessories that will create the kitchen experience you want. Contact a company like Central Plumbing Specialties for more info.