3 Tips To A Cleaner Construction Site

Working in construction means completing projects in a safe and timely manner. When you let the job site get dirty or cluttered, you make your remodels or ground builds that much more difficult to complete. Supplies can get disorganized and trash can get in the way of construction. Here are 3 tips you can use to keep your construction site clean, whether you are doing a large stick build or a small remodel.

Hire dumpster services

A roll-off dumpster placed on the job site gives you and your crew an area to immediately place debris and garbage so it doesn't get in the way or cause potential harm to people on the construction site. You can fill a dumpster with sheet rock, plastic, shelving, concrete debris, and more. A dumpster service will bring a certain number of dumpsters to the job site for you to fill (you determine how many you think you will need) and will bring replacements when full. Talk to a dumpster service company like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc and ask if they also offer recycling bins so you can place metal, glass, or other reusable materials into them to help better the environment.

Clean as you go

As you complete sections of your project, clean up after them immediately rather than wait until completion of the entire construction to tidy up the work area. As debris is removed from the job site instead of piling up, you keep main traffic areas clear for employees to work in and machinery to operate safely. If you need to, assign certain employees to work as a cleanup crew so the project can remain ongoing even as the job site is being organized. Make sure all employees wear leather gloves, masks, helmets, and safety goggles when cleaning to avoid inhaling or directly touching chemicals or dusty debris.

Bring on supplies as you need them

Keep all supplies you need for your construction site stored in your garage or warehouse until you are ready to use them. This way, you don't have layers of Sheetrock sitting around or buckets of paint in the way. This not only helps keep the job site organized, but helps you keep better track of your expensive inventory.

When working on any construction site, keeping the area clean is key to a successful and safe project. Whether you choose to hire a dumpster service so you have the resources you need to get rid of debris or you choose to simply clean up as you go, you can make the job site more convenient to work in no matter how large your project is.