Three Questions To Ponder When Buying A Replaceable Swimming Pool Liner For Your Above Ground Pool

If you own an above ground swimming pool, chances are you may need to replace the liner at some point during the life of the pool. Depending upon the design of your above ground swimming pool, you have a few options to consider. When shopping for your replacement pool liner, you'll need to consider more than the color and pattern. While aesthetics may come into play, you'll want to make your selection based on the perfect fit and thickness as well. In addition, there are different designs to consider, such as the beaded and the overlap.

Before you make your final buying decision, ask yourself the following three questions:

1. Overlap, Beaded, or Expandable: Which is the Right Choice?

There are a few basic designs to consider for your replacement above ground swimming pool liner. Consider how your swimming pool is designed to help you choose the perfect style:

  • Overlap Liner: Does your existing swimming pool liner overlap underneath the top rail? If so, your pool may be designed for this type of liner. Basically, if your swimming pool is equipped with some type of liner clip that shows beneath the ledge, it is intended for this design.

    These liners are relatively easy to install and are secured to the sides of your swimming pool with the equipped clip. If your pool does not have the liner clip for an overlap, it can be converted with the use of vinyl or aluminum pool coping. When you consider that the overlap liners are often the most durable and affordable, you'll probably be glad you chose this option for your new pool liner.

  • Beaded Liner: You may see the terms J-Bead, J-Hook, Unibead or V-Bead and become confused. Basically, these provide the same functionality. The beaded design looks somewhat like an inverted "J" that is situated on top of the pool liner. This beaded  "J" or "lip" attaches to a track on the upper part of the swimming pool wall. Have a look at the upper rail of your pool. If you notice a track, it is designed for the beaded liner. Keep in mind that beaded pool liners are typically more expensive than the overlap design.

  • Expandable Pool Liner: These are basically overlap designed, that expand for swimming pools with a deep end. If your above ground pool includes walls with a deep end of up to 72 inches, you'll need an expandable liner.

2. How Should an Above Ground Swimming Pool Be Measured for a Good Fit?

Don't assume that above ground swimming pool liners are made as a one-size-fits-all product. For the right fit, you'll need to know the exact diameter and height of your swimming pool. As a general rule, do not take measurements from the inside. It's important to measure your pool from the exterior. Measure the height of your pool's wall, from top to bottom. However, if you have an oval swimming pool, you should measure it from the interior, going from side to side. Rectangular shaped pools can be measured in the same way. When you buy your pool liner, you'll need to choose from either oval or rectangular design.

3. How Important is the Liner Grade?

Don't be confused by the terminology. Liner grade simply refers to the thickness of the swimming pool liner. How often do you use your pool and how many people use it? If you are concerned about durability and don't want to have to replace the liner as often, choose one with a thicker material. While it may initially cost more, you'll be saving in the long run on replacement costs. 

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