What Are The Different Types Of Temporary Fence Panels?

Temporary fence panels are often used on construction sites to prevent the public from walking or driving into areas that may be unsafe. Temporary fencing is more convenient for construction companies because it can be easily installed and moved from place to place as needed. The type of temporary fence panels that are used often depends on the area they will be placed in. These are some of the different types of temporary fence panels that are commonly used on construction sites.

Chain Link Panels 

Chain link panels are one of the more common types of temporary fencing that one might see on a construction site. These panels are made out of the same strong metals that regular chain link fencing is. However, each panel has a supportive base that allows it to stand upright without having posts that must be driven into the ground.

Temporary chain link panels are used because they provide the same amount of protection as a regular chain link fence, but can be easily transported to another construction site once the job is done. Chain link panels can be rearranged as needed to create a protective barrier between an unsafe area and the public.

Wire Mesh Panels 

Wire mesh panels are also used for blocking off unsafe areas on construction sites. Wire mesh panels are lighter in weight than chain link panels, therefore they can usually be moved and relocated by only one person. 

Temporary wire mesh panels are often preferred because they are stronger and more tightly woven together than chain link panels. These mesh panels are made of steel and designed to withstand exposure to severe weather conditions. Wire mesh fencing is stronger than chain link fencing and also stacks together more neatly so it can be transferred easily by the truck load.


Another type of temporary fence panels are those known as barricades. These steel panels do not provide the same level of safety that either chain link panels or wire mesh panels do. This type of fencing stands alone but does not stand as tall as other types of temporary fencing.

Barricades may be used around parked heavy machinery to let the public know they are not permitted to get within a certain distance of it. However, they are not secure enough to use as a barrier to prevent pedestrians from walking or riding into an extremely dangerous area.

Regardless of which type of temporary fence panels are used, it is very important that the public heed to the warnings that each type represents. It is also very common to see "No Trespassing" signs posted on temporary fence panels as well.

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