3 Big Reasons Fire Alarms Systems Fail To Get People Out Of A Burning Business Building

As a business owner who oversees the well being of many employees and perhaps even customers, the thought of a fire can be a huge concern. If you are like most, you will spend a fair amount of money investing in a state-of-the-art fire alarm system that is designed to alert those in the building to get out if there is a fire. However, this alone may not be enough to ensure the fire alarm is effective at saving lives if a blaze breaks out in your place of business. Check out these three big reasons why fire alarm systems fail to get people out of a burning business building. 

Problem: The fire alarm is not loud enough compared to the other noise within the facility. 

If you own an industrial business or any form of business in which there is a great deal of noise, you have to ensure that the fire alarm system you have is capable of producing sound that is loud enough to take center stage and garner attention if there is a fire. Even though this is usually taken into consideration by the contractor when the system is installed, businesses grow and change with time and sometimes, new components are added that add much more sound to the building than anticipated. When performing tests on your alarm system, make sure all machinery and equipment is running just as it would be on a normal day so you can know the alarm is loud enough for everyone to hear. 

Problem: people in the building do not know what to do when the alarm goes off. 

It is crucial that you run test fire drills at your place of business on occasion to train people on what they should do if the alarm sounds. Without training, employees in the building may not be familiar with the alarm sound and may assume the alarm is relative to some other threat, such as a triggered door alarm. 

Problem: The alarm system does not distribute sound through every area in a building. 

Some business buildings can be massively sized, taking up several acres of land and even consisting of several different departments separated by walls. When the fire alarm system is installed, it should be done by a professional who is accustomed to installing systems in large commercial properties. If it is not installed correctly, the sound of the alarm may not be distributed through every area enough so that it alerts every individual. 

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