Considering A Solar Well Pump? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

The advantage of being self-reliant for your own household water can easily be enhanced simply by making the costs to operate your well pump as little as possible. If you are looking to live totally off the grid without reliance on electrical power, a solar-powered well pump will definitely be one of the ideas you consider. While this could be a good idea, a solar-powered well pump also comes with a few things to consider before you take this route. Here are a few things that you should know about solar well pumps before you hook one up to your well. 

Solar well pumps don't always fare well in low-light areas. 

The well that you have was initially installed so that it was the most efficient way for you to obtain water. Sometimes, this means the well is far away from the house because it must be in an area where groundwater levels are high. This means the well on your property could be located in an area shielded from the sun because of dense tree cover. If this is the case with your well, a solar-powered well pump may not be the most feasible option. Even though the harvesting panels can be situated several feet away from the actual pump, the longer your distribution lines are from the panels, the more solar energy you will lose in transit. 

Solar well pumps do need a little more daily attention. 

Perhaps you are choosing a solar well pump to install on the well at your vacation home or cabin getaway in the woods. If the place where the solar pump is to be installed is not one where you will spend most of your time, they are not always the best option. If the solar panels are not properly watched over and regularly cleaned, they can have a hard time collecting energy from the sun but can also fail much sooner. 

Solar well pumps can sometimes be inefficient if you have major water needs. 

If you need quite a bit of water through the day, whether it is because your household is fairly large or because you have a lot of livestock, a solar-powered well pump may not be able to keep up with the continuous energy demand. While you can always add more panels and batteries to house more energy, this can be an expensive feat you may not be prepared to handle when you are going solar to try and save some money. 

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