Falling Branches And Home Damage: 3 Tree Care Tips To Save You From Costly Repairs

When you have trees around your home, they provide valuable shade. Trees can also be a danger to your home if they are not cared for. Heavy branches can fall and damage property, and thick canopies cause the perfect condition for fungus growth that damages building materials such as wood decking and roofing. Here are some tree care tips that will help save you from trees causing costly damage to your home:

1. Cutting Back Large and Heavy Branches That Can Fall on Property

Large branches are often hazards due to the new growth that causes them to be weighted down. The overloaded branches can easily break. The weakened branches also expose trees to problems with insects and disease. Have a tree service prune your trees and remove heavy branches that are a hazard. Sometimes, just cutting the branch back is enough to ensure the tree is healthy.

2. Pruning Your Trees for Healthy Growth to Reduce Risks to Property

Properly pruning trees is an important maintenance task to ensure trees grow healthy and are not hazards to personal property. When the tree service prunes the trees around your property, they can also shape the trees to reduce hazards. You want to have tree pruning done every season to ensure that the trees have healthy forms and are free of problems. The tree service can also trim branches back that are near powerlines and other utilities. Regular tree trimming will ensure that trees are stronger, healthier and less likely to fall on property.

3. Thinning Out Thick Canopies to Prevent Problems with Fungus on Roofing

Some trees have dense canopies that nearly completely block sunlight from reaching your home. The shade is good, but lack of sunlight causes problems with fungus growth, which can quickly wear shingles and severely damage roofing. Have the tree service thin out the canopy to allow sunlight through to prevent moss from growing on shingles and other building materials on the exterior of your home. In addition, trimming branches away from your home will help keep tree debris like leaves out of gutters, HVAC systems and other areas.

These are a few tips that will help to save you from dealing with tree damage to your home. Contact a tree service to help with pruning and other tree care needs to ensure your home is safe from falling branches and other hazards of large trees. You can also visit websites like http://www.schulhofftlc.com.