Signs Of Foundation Problems

Your foundation is one of the most integral parts of your home. If it begins to fail, you risk damage to the rest of your house, along with the possible loss of your home. This is why it is vital that you keep a close eye out for any potential foundation issues. The following guide can help you know what to look for:

Visible cracks

The most obvious sign of an issue is a crack in the foundation. Depending on the design of your home, you may be able to see cracks on the outside of the exposed foundation, or they may be visible inside the basement. You may also notice cracks on interior walls, especially at the corners of doors and windows. Diagonal, vertical, stair stepping, and horizontal cracks should all be examined by a professional since these are generally caused by the foundation settling unevenly.

Sloping floors

If the floors are sloping in your home, then the foundation has settled unevenly. This puts stress onto the entire frame of your home. You may only notice the slope in the basement, or it may be obvious throughout the entire house. A slope is often first noticed when you drop something and it always tends to roll to the same corner of a room.

Door and window frame issues

Another common sign of foundation issues that are overlooked is doors and windows that won't close or open easily. This occurs because the settling foundation has caused the frames to come out of square, so now the window or door doesn't fit inside without binding. You may notice the issue on all windows and doors, or it may only affect those on one side of the house.

Popped trim

Trim, inside or outside, may seem out of alignment, or the corners may start to separate. This is once again caused by a house that is settling in an uneven manner. This usually goes hand in hand with binding windows and doors, although not always.

Moisture issues

Moisture problems as a result of a foundation issue are most noticeable in homes with basements. You may simply notice a musty odor or mildew growing in the basement, or you may have actual issues with moisture seeping into the basement. Often, the source is cracks in the walls or separation of the foundation in the corners, which is letting the moisture in.

If you suspect that you may have foundation problems, contact a foundation repair company like RCW Construction in your area.