Three Pieces Of Plumbing Equipment You Should Keep In Your Home

Modern plumbing systems can ensure that your home has a stable and reliable source of running water. However, these systems can be prone to experiencing numerous problems that will have to be addressed if you are to keep the plumbing running and the house safe from water damage. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to address routine problems if you do not have the right tools for this task. For this reason, there are several pieces of equipment that you will want to keep in your home so that you can rapidly respond to these damages when they arise.

Drain Augers

Clogs are one the more routine problems that your plumbing pipes and drains will experience, but this can be a very easy problem to address if you have a drain auger available. These devices are able to be inserted through the pipes so that you can pull out the material that is clogging the drain. Using one of these devices will be much safer than using liquid clog removers due to the tendency of these substances to cause the pipes to become brittle.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is another tool that can be indispensable when you are needing to address plumbing problems. In addition to allowing you to tighten pipe joints that may be leaking, these devices can also be useful when you are needing to turn a plumbing valve that is stuck. This need can be particularly pressing when a plumbing emergency is occurring and you need to turn off the water supply. By specifically investing in an adjustable wrench, you will be able to easily ensure that the wrench can be used on most of your valves or pipes.

Drain Sanitizers

When it comes to problems with the drains, many homeowners will assume that clogs are the only issue that they will need to worry about. However, it is also possible for these drains to develop foul odors that can spread throughout the home. These odors occur because bacteria will start growing in the drain. If you are wanting to prevent your drain from developing unpleasant odors or causing potential health problems by exposing you to bacteria, you should regularly sanitize the drains. By using a small amount of drain sanitizer every few weeks, you will be able to eliminate many of these bacteria before they are able to contribute to these issues. After you pour the sanitizer down the drain, you should wait at least several minutes before using the faucet as this will give the sanitizer enough time to be effective.

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