Eliminating Paint Odors After Your Holiday Paint Job

Everyone wants their homes to look their best for the holidays. With all of the visits and pictures being taken in the home, the rush to get everything ready for the holiday blitz is on. One project to consider to freshen up your home is painting. If you're concerned about painting this close to the holidays because you don't want your home to smell like a can of paint, don't worry – there are a few things you can do to eliminate the paint smells quickly to ensure your guests smell nothing but the freshly baked cookies coming out of your oven, such as:

Paint Additives

There are paint additive products that can be purchased to reduce the odors that the paint leaves behind. These products are simply mixed in with the paint before it is applied to the walls. Instead of smelling paint, you can choose from several scents to fill your home while the paint is being applied and dries.

Odor Absorption

Odor absorption solutions can be utilized in conjunction with the additives or alone.

White Vinegar – Head to your kitchen pantry and get out your bottle of white vinegar. Pour some into several small bowls and set it around the room that you've just painted. The vinegar may not give you the fresh scent that you're looking for, but it will begin to suck up the paint odors that you don't want.

Activated Charcoal – Take a trip to your local home improvement store and pick up a bucket or bag of activated charcoal. Put some of the charcoal in a paper bag and beat it up a bit with your meat tenderizer. Set the open bags of crushed charcoal around the area and allow it to sit for a day or two. It will absorb the airborne odors and lock it inside.

Distilled Water – You might not think that a few bowls or buckets of distilled water around the house would do much, but believe it or not, it does absorb odors. Now, you can't use the water out of your tap because that water has treatment chemicals in it that will prevent it from absorbing the odors in the space.

Air Circulation

Air circulation is critical in getting paint to dry quickly and removing the odor from the space. Crack a few windows and maybe put a fan in one of them to pull the paint odors out of the house. The faster you can get the paint to dry, the quicker you will eliminate the smells.

Talk with your local residential painting professional to learn more about getting a last minute paint job without the odors being left behind for your holiday fun.