What To Do If You Stop Getting Water From Your Well

Having a well on your property is a great way to provide fresh clean water to your home. But what if suddenly your water stops flowing? determining why you are not getting water from your well is a priority and there are things you can check yourself before calling a well company and having them send out a service tech. If you cannot find the problem on your own, the technician will know what to check when he arrives.

Checking The Small Things First

If you had no indication of a problem with your well, and it suddenly stops producing water there are some things you can check. For instance, the pump will not run if it does not have electricity to it. One of the very first things you can check is the breaker in your electrical box to be sure it has not been tripped. If the breaker has tripped, you can reset it to restore power to the pump, however, if the breaker faults a second time do not reset it. You might have a short in the electrical wires running to your pump. Another thing you can check is the water line coming into the home that is connected to your pressure tank. Look for any leaks around the tank or the line. Under normal circumstances, there should be no water on the outside of the tank or on the line coming in and feeding the tank. If everything looks normal, it might just be time to call a well company and have them send out a service technician.

Checking The System

The service technician is necessary, they will have a pretty specific list of things to check. Let them know what you have already looked at as they May not need to double-check it but don't be surprised if they do. Along with the power to the pump itself, the technician will check things like the pressure switch on the pressure tank. If the switch is not functioning properly it will not turn the pump on and off as needed. Inside the tank is a rubber bladder that helps to provide pressure in the system. If the bladder ruptures there will be no pressure in the system and the tank will require replacement. After a thorough inspection of the system, the service tech may determine the problem lies at the bottom of your well with the pump. If that is the case, the technician will have to pull the pump out of the well to further check it.

Replacing The Pump

If the pump needs to be replaced in your well, the technician will pull the pump from the well to completely inspect it. If there are signs of damage to the pump or materials such as sand in the filter it can help the technician determine why the pump failed in the first place. A well with sand in the bottom can slowly fill in with sand clogging the pickup screens and filters on the pump. Let the technician know if you have seen sand or other debris in the water prior to the pump failure. If the well is in good condition and the pump has failed for some other reason, the technician will install a new pump in the well and get the system back up and running. If they determine there is a problem with the well they might recommend installing a new well on the property.

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