Do You Really Need Gutter Screens? Important Information Homeowners Need To Know

Summer showers may bring spring flowers, but they also wash leaf litter, pollen, and assorted debris straight into your home's gutters. When these materials accumulate, rain will no longer be able to flow freely through them and damage to your roof and home can quickly result. While frequent cleaning can help to prevent this damage, installing gutter guards can permanently address this problem. If you are a homeowner who is wondering if you really need to consider the installation of gutter screens on your home's rain guttering system, this information can help you make the right decision. 

Installing gutter screens makes the chore of cleaning gutters safer

Gutter maintenance typically means dragging out the step ladders, looking for a level spot to set them up, and then climbing up to the top of them to clear the gutters of all the stuff that filters into them. Even worse, it can also mean balancing precariously, while climbing that ladder and carrying tools, garden hoses, or other cleaning equipment up with you. While dangerous for many, this type of home maintenance project is even less safe for those who may be older, less mobile, or just a bit nervous about being up on a ladder. By installing gutter screens, however, the all-too-frequent chore of cleaning the gutters now becomes automatic and effortless, with no ladders involved. 

Installing gutter screens can keep your landscaping and foundation in a healthier state

Most homeowners lead very busy lives, and this can make it very difficult to find time to check the gutters after a hard rain or give them extra attention when they are likely to be filling up with dead leaves, pollen, or other types of sediment and debris. When gutter cleaning is postponed too long, and the gutters fill up, rainwater or melting snow and ice will quickly overflow them, causing erosion and standing water problems around the outer perimeters of the home.

In addition to swamping any existing landscaping in these areas, standing water can also quickly exert pressure on foundation walls, resulting in water infiltration and the potential for foundation damage. When gutter screens have been installed, however, the gutters are able to work efficiently to remove rainwater and melting snow and ice, moving it to downspouts, where it can harmlessly be released. 

For even more good reasons to consider the installation of gutter screens on your home, take time to discuss your needs with a reputable, local guttering contractor. They can help you determine the condition of your current gutter system and make good recommendations for making the changes you need to keep your home and property safe from water damage. 

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