3 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Paint Job

3 Ways to Improve Your Exterior Painting If your home needs to be repainted, there will be a fair amount of preparation work that is necessary. That is, the job is going to require a lot more than simply spreading paint onto the walls. On many projects, the prep work takes much longer than the actual paint application. This is particularly true when it comes to an exterior paint job. Exterior surfaces just wear down more than interior surfaces, and they need to be repaired so that the new paint finish can be long-lasting, water-resistant, fade proof, and bright.

Here are three things you can do before you even start to paint that will eventually improve the quality and longevity of your paint finish.


First of all, you need to patch all of the holes on your exterior surface. This project obviously varies in difficulty, depending on what material your walls are made out of. Stucco, wood, and vinyl are all relatively easy to patch. Metal siding can be a little difficult to repair. Regardless, this is usually work that homeowners can do on their own before they hire a painter. In fact, many people will even hire a third-party contractor or handyman to make the repairs so that, when the painter comes, the project will be quick and easy for them.

Remove Exterior Hardware

Whenever you are painting the exterior walls, you can speed up the actual painting by removing all of the hardware bolted to the walls. Instead of just keeping the hardware on, it often works better if you can just remove it. For instance, removing door knobs, hose fittings, and any other hardware that is easily removed is usually quicker than taping it. Obviously, many things mounted to your exterior walls will be permanent so they will be very difficult to remove For these things you will need to rely on painters tape.

Mask Off Everything

The trick with taping and masking off your exterior is to always be extra safe. It is better to be safe, rather than sorry. Before you paint exterior walls, you should try to cover all of the ground around them. This includes not just the hard ground that you walk on, but also the grass, and any ground covering. It works well if you use plastic painters tape to drape over foliage, grass and bushes. But, smooth plastic, when on a hard concrete surface, can be very slippery and especially dangerous to walk on if there are paint spills. So, you can cover the sidewalk around your home with construction or rosin paper. This durable and absorbent paper will soak up any paint spills, and be much safer to walk on.

As you can see, it is all about preparation work when it comes to exterior painting. To learn more about renovation projects, contact a company like Kreider & Diller Builders Inc