Prevent Roof Leaks: 4 Roof Maintenance Tips

An asphalt shingle roof, when maintained properly, can last upwards of 25 years. These roofing shingles may get damaged over time, and need to be repaired at some point, but if you keep an eye on your roof and make the necessary repairs when needed, it can last for quite some time. Read on for maintenance tips for your asphalt shingle roof to help prevent damage or leaks.

1. Trim Back Trees

Trees can be beautiful, but they can also be dangerous and a hazard to your roof if they are overgrown or leaning over your home. Any trees growing too closely to your home should be trimmed back or removed. Limbs hanging over your roof can also be dangerous and should be removed. Not only can they fall off and damage your roof, but they can also be a bridge for pests to come onto your roof and cause damage over time. Mold and mildew may also grow in areas where tree limbs are covering your home.

2. Inspect For Damage Seasonally

Every season you should inspect your roof for damage that may have been caused by weather. Sun, rain, snow, and ice may all cause damage to your home, so look at your roof and inspect it often for things such as leaks, missing shingles, granule loss, loose or missing flashing, or rotting wood. Do a thorough inspection or hire someone to inspect your roof for damage.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are actually part of your roof. If they are full, it may cause water to dam up and may cause it to spill over onto the roof. When the roof cannot handle the water any longer, it can cause your roof to leak. This type of water damage can get into the walls of your home and be a very big repair bill for you. Clean your gutters out seasonally to remove twigs, tree buds, leaves and other debris. If you aren't able to get to your gutters yourself, hire someone to do the work for you.

4. Repair Damage

If you've spotted any missing or loose shingles have them replaced immediately to prevent further damage to your home. Some minor repairs can be made yourself, while others should be left to a professional. If you have a leak in your roof, for instance, you may want to leave it to a professional as they can easily find the leak and make the repair as needed. 

Maintain your roof to prevent damage to the roof and to the interior of your home. Call a professional roofing company like Craven  Construction for help with any of your repair needs.