3 Things That Have To Be Done Before Your Industrial Transformer Can Be Moved

If your industrial transformer hasn't been performing properly, then you could be hoping to take it somewhere so that you can have it repaired. You might have decided to replace it with a better unit that has different and improved capabilities, or you might just be moving your transformer to a new project site or a new industrial building. When moving your industrial transformer, a little bit of careful planning and execution have to be put into place. Certain things have to be done before the transformer can be moved, and all of these things are things that a field undressing company can help you with.

1. Disconnection

The first step that has to be done before an industrial transformer can be moved is for it to be disconnected. This isn't as simple as just pulling a plug. It can be dangerous for the person who is doing the job, who might be at risk of electric shock if it isn't done properly. It can also put the equipment that is hooked up to your transformer at risk of being damaged if it's not done properly. A field undressing company will help with disconnecting your unit in a way that keeps everyone safe from electric shock and that prevents all of your costly equipment from being damaged by a power surge or other similar problems.

2. Drainage of Fluids

The next thing that has to be done before an industrial transformer can be moved is that the fluids all have to be drained. The main thing that has to be drained is the oil that is used to help lubricate the system and keep it working properly. Even though oil is a good thing when your transformer is running, it can leak everywhere during transport, which makes a mess and can clog up parts of your transformer. Other fluids must be drained as well to help prevent similar problems.

3. Disassembly

Because of how big your industrial transformer is, you could be wondering how it's going to be transported. Generally, industrial transformers have to be disassembled before they are moved. Then, each part has to be put in a different shipping container. Proper disassembly prior to moving of your industrial transformer helps prevent it from damage and makes shipping much easier. A field undressing team can disassemble your industrial transformer without damaging it and can make sure that each shipping container with parts of your industrial transport are secure and ready for transport.