Finishing A Basement For A Friend To Live In

Finishing the basement to your home comes with a lot of perks. The basement holds a lot of living space that can be used for a lot of activities. Finished basements also tend to add value to the home when it is placed on the market for sale. Lastly, a finished basement is a lot less work to set up when you want a living space. If you have a basement with a restroom and separate bedroom, you can offer this as a living space with just a little finishing work. Here are three construction points to add to your basement plans when finishing the basement for a friend to live in. 

Add in soundproofing 

One way to make sure that your friend will be happy living with you is to add in soundproofing. Even if you and your family tend to be quiet, the friend may still hear you walking around on the upper levels. Add soundproofing to the walls and ceiling to ensure that none of you can hear one another. Add proper insulation to the basement at the same time. This will help with the mental and physical separation of spaces for your family and your friend. 

Build a workable kitchen 

Building a workable kitchen tends to take plumbing for water and having the right outlets for the electrical appliances. If your friend will be living in the basement, they will need a space to cook that does not require them constantly trekking to a different part of the home. Invest in small, apartment-sized appliances like a refrigerator and two-burner stove. This will not take up too much space in the basement, but it will make the finished basement an actual home. Be sure that the plumbing is properly extended to support a kitchen and bathroom within the basement area without disrupting plumbing or walls upstairs. 

Put in hardwoods and carpet

Have your contractor put in hardwood floors and carpet inside of the basement. If at some point your friend moves out and you desire to turn your basement into a game room, you can take up the carpet to expose your hardwood floors. The carpet may be most comfortable for your friend's abode, especially if you live in a climate that can get cold. Invest in plush carpet and in hardwood floors that are difficult to scratch to make sure that your basement finish project lasts.