What Homeowners Should Know When Adding An Awning To Their House

There are many different reasons why you might want to add an awning to your home. Regardless of your end goal for the awning upgrade, you should be thoroughly informed about some key aspects of having an awning on your home.

Why Should You Opt For A Retractable Awning Over A Fixed Frame One?

While fixed frame awnings are some of the more common, they will have some noticeable limitations when compared to modern retractable systems. One of the most important will be that a fixed frame awning will require much more space than a retractable model. Additionally, many homeowners will dislike the aesthetics of the fixed frame awning's support rods.

Is A Retractable Awning Hard To Use?

A common assumption that is often made about retractable awnings is that they will be very difficult to use. More specifically, some people assume that they will be very heavy, which can make them hard to move into the retracted position. However, retractable awnings are typically made of fairly light materials, and they will have specially designed joints that make them easy to move into the retracted or extended position. Furthermore, you might find that automatic awnings can be a suitable option. These awnings use a series of motors to move them into the extended or retracted positions.

Do You Need To Retract The Awning During Rain?

An awning can be extremely useful during periods of light showers or rain. However, the awnings should not be kept in the extended position during instances of high winds. This can be extremely damaging to them as the wind will be able to warp the awning, tear it from the home's exterior, or cause other damage. While it is common for these winds to occur during storms, they can also occur when the skies are clear. For this reason, you should monitor the weather whenever you have the awning in the extended position.

Can You Machine Wash A Cloth Awning Cover?

Cloth is a popular material for use in retractable awnings. However, the cloth will need to be periodically cleaned so that it can avoid discoloration or other problems. Some awning covers are designed to be removed and machine washed, but many others are not. You will always need to check the owner's manual to avoid inadvertently damaging the awning cover. If you have already made this mistake, you will be able to order a replacement, but you will need to be sure that you provide the exact measurements or model number for your awning to ensure you get a cloth cover that will fit it.