The Skies The Limit When Remodeling Your Home: Everything You Need To Know About Second Story Additions

If you are planning on adding space to your home, but there is not enough terrain on your property for conventional home additions, you will need to build upwards. Second-story additions are a great way to add space to your home, but there are some things that you need to know before you start planning your remodeling project. The following tips will help you with your second-story addition without any problems now or in the future.

Planning and Designing Your Home Addition with A Second Floor and Changes to The Existing Floor Plan

First, you will want to begin with planning and designing your second-story addition. Contact a professional remodeling service and work with them to decide things like how big the addition will be. You also need to decide whether you plan on using existing roof structure, or if the addition will extend past the existing foundation footprint in some areas. They will be able to help draw a design to give you a clear picture of what the finished addition will look like.

Working with A Structural Engineer to Help Design Support for Structural Loads and Changes

When you are building a second-story addition, there is going to be a lot of changes to the structure. Existing load supports were designed for the weight of the old roof, and they are going to need to be updated or changed to support the second floor. To help with these changes, talk to a structural engineer to ensure that the new addition has the proper support it needs and that it is carried all the way down to the footings of your foundation.

Find Temporary Housing for Your Family During the Construction of Your Second-Story Addition

Second-story additions are not as simple as adding a small porch or patio enclosure to the back of your home. There is work that needs to be done throughout your home, which can make daily life difficult. To stay clear of the work during the construction, it is a good idea to find some sort of temporary housing for your family while you are waiting for the addition to be completed.

Make Sure to Adhere to Building Codes and Other Regulations While Building a Second-Story Addition

There are different regulations for second-story additions in different areas. Where you live, there may be regulations on the height of the structure or space that can be added. There may also be rules that govern changes to the existing structure and requirements that need to be met for your home to be up to date with building codes once the addition has been completed. It is your responsibility to check these regulations and make sure that the addition meets all the building regulations.

These are some tips to help you deal with planning and starting your second-story addition. If you are ready to start building upwards to add space to your home, contact a home addition service, like Genuine Home Builders Inc, and talk to them about helping you plan a second floor for your home.