If You Can Build A Huge Triangle, You Can Build A Roof Truss!

Are you looking at your garage and wishing you could make the building bigger and taller? It will require lifting off the present roof and adding bigger trusses to support the extended height and width of the structure and its bigger roof. You may be wondering if you can manage that yourself. Wonder no more! The following will give you a good idea about your truss roof building skills. 

Triangles, Triangles, Triangles

Almost all trusses are giant triangles. Even half-roof trusses are triangles. You can build any massive triangle pattern for a truss, and it generally should work. There is only one caveat: the trusses you build have to bear the weight of the remaining roof components. Everything else that is layered over the tops of the trusses to create a solid roof has to be supported by the trusses themselves. If you are not sure which truss design to build, you are going to need to consult a structural engineer and/or a construction contractor to find out which specific truss design is right for your garage project. Then you can build all of the trusses according to their advice and the dimensions they suggest. 

Braces and Bracing

Trusses are a bit more than just triangles, though. Even the most basic of trusses has a couple of braces built into its construction. The braces and bracing reinforce the strength of the basic triangle truss. The braces and bracing also prevent roof collapse, which is key for times when your roof will have a lot more weight on it (e.g., snow and ice). Some of the braces are wood boards connecting the sides of the sloping truss components to the horizontal baseboard. Other braces are steel or aluminum braces that attach at the apexes of the triangle's points. Both types of braces and bracing are necessary, regardless of the type of truss you build. 

Know Your Limitations

If you attempt to build a truss and it does not look right or fit right with your remodeled garage, there is a good chance it probably is not right. It is great to try new things, but if you discover that truss building is not for you, a construction contractor is able and willing to step in and finish the job (or at least tell you where your truss building went sideways). If you remodel and/or build a new garage and you get all the way to the trusses before things go awry, at least you saved yourself that much money. The money you saved can be used to hire a contractor to finish the job.

For more information, contact a building trusses professional.