What Homeowners Should Know When Adding An Awning To Their House

There are many different reasons why you might want to add an awning to your home. Regardless of your end goal for the awning upgrade, you should be thoroughly informed about some key aspects of having an awning on your home. Why Should You Opt For A Retractable Awning Over A Fixed Frame One? While fixed frame awnings are some of the more common, they will have some noticeable limitations when compared to modern retractable systems. [Read More]

Finishing A Basement For A Friend To Live In

Finishing the basement to your home comes with a lot of perks. The basement holds a lot of living space that can be used for a lot of activities. Finished basements also tend to add value to the home when it is placed on the market for sale. Lastly, a finished basement is a lot less work to set up when you want a living space. If you have a basement with a restroom and separate bedroom, you can offer this as a living space with just a little finishing work. [Read More]

Building Your Home This Winter? How to Avoid Problems with the Concrete Foundation

If you're going to be building your home during the winter, you need to be prepared for the freezing temperatures, especially where your foundation is concerned. Pouring a concrete foundation during the winter can get a bit tricky, especially if the temperatures are dipping closer to that freezing range. Here are four steps you'll need to take to protect your concrete foundation this winter. Give Your Schedule Some Wiggle Room [Read More]

Prevent Roof Leaks: 4 Roof Maintenance Tips

An asphalt shingle roof, when maintained properly, can last upwards of 25 years. These roofing shingles may get damaged over time, and need to be repaired at some point, but if you keep an eye on your roof and make the necessary repairs when needed, it can last for quite some time. Read on for maintenance tips for your asphalt shingle roof to help prevent damage or leaks. 1. Trim Back Trees [Read More]